Personal Narrative Essay : My Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

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My sweet sixteen birthday party was exactly that: sweet. Every girl wants their sixteenth birthday party to be spectacular, and while mine did not necessarily have all the bells and whistles it was fantastic. There were games, singing, dancing, even a Ouija board made an appearance, but by far my favorite was the photo booth. Small props were on a table while a high-tech camera was situated in front of a plain canvas backdrop. Several photos were taken in the span of two hours, yet the most special one was the final photo of the night. Just before being taken down, I forced everyone in attendance into the frame, resulting in a series of images that hold more memories of sixteen seconds then I could have had created in two hours. That photo will always hold many significant memories for me because it includes a majority of my friends, was taken in a chaotic manner, and captures the mood of the party in four images. A first of its kind, the refrigerator photo contains nearly all my limited amount friends. Of my total of sixteen companions, fifteen of them were crammed into the four-foot space to be captured in the picture. I remember thinking how this would be the first photo I have of all my friends together that was not the yearbook marching band photo. How excited I was to have a moment where there was no drama, no fighting, and no resentment captured for me to look back on. We were all happy to be there; among one another having a joyous time in those sixteen seconds. I
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