Personal Narrative Essay On Adoption

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Ever since I was a kid I would get this look. A look of judgement for something I couldn’t control. When I was one year old I was adopted by my parents, who are American citizens, and have lived in the United States ever since. Growing up, my adoption automatically peaked everyone’s interests and I became the center of everyone’s curiosity. In elementary school, kids in my class constantly would ask what it was like to be adopted, or why I was adopted. The worst and most terrifying questions someone asked me was, ‘“where are your real parents,” and “who are your real parents?” Reflecting back on it, I was only 7 years old, who didn’t know how to respond, and the person who asked me was also only 7 years old, so they didn’t understand what they were asking. But nevertheless, these questions would stay with me for the rest of the day, and I wouldn’t know what to do with the question. When that person asked me that, I came home and ask my mom the exact same questions. Her face fell, her body went numb for a few seconds, then she turned to me and look me straight in the eye and said “We are your ‘real’ parents. Don’t let anyone else make you think differently just because you don’t look like us.”…show more content…
During my freshman year biology class, we started talking about DNA and how we get our genes from our parents, which led to us receiving a sheet describing what traits I got from my parents. This especially bothered me because I couldn’t answer any of the questions; do I get my eyes from my mom or dad, who has the same hair as I do, what personality traits do I share with my
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