Personal Narrative Essay On Melinda's Murder

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I read the paper as Melinda hands it back to me it says “I didn’t call the cops to break up the party, I called them because some guy raped me. Under the trees.I didn’t know what to do. I was stupid and drunk and didn’t know what was happening and he raped me. When the police came, everyone was screaming, and I was too scared, so I cut through some backyards and walked home.” I hate myself right now I ditched our friendship because she broke up the party and almost got me arrested. I didn’t even listen to what her side was. I swore that I’d never be her friend again when I should’ve. No wonder why she’s changed so much. The conversation continues a little longer, but then it comes to me she never reported it because she was so scared. Someone …show more content…

Part of me wants to believe her, but I can’t. I won’t. Because believing her means I’d lose the one I adore, the one I love when I’m not totally positive if its true or not. So I choose not to believe her even though I want to. I look at the stall door and see a couple of people agreeing with the start of the conversation to stay away from Andy Evans. Yet still I choose not to believe them. I get myself together redo my mascara and walk out the door. Back to hating Melinda Sordino for “lying to me” about my true love, Andy Evans. Prom, a not so night to remember I fix a tiny strand of hair that is separated from the rest and look at myself in the mirror. Tonight is my night. I twirl in my rosy pink dress like a goof when I hear the doorbell ring. “Mom can you get that.” I shout from behind my bedroom door. I hear my mom say, “Oh my you look so handsome.” “Thank you” he says probably with his flashy kind …show more content…

That’s my unspoken of que. I walk out of my room and he looks at me wide-eyed and whistles. I smile and walk down the steps to his side. We kiss and mom says “Picture time!” Dang it mom I said to not be awkward. We take a few pictures and we go to the limo. I hold his hand and he says how beautiful I am between each kiss we share and I tell him how handsome he

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