Personal Narrative Essay : The Day Of A Snowy Day

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One glorious summer morning, in Denmark Colorado, it seemed like it was going to be a beautiful snowy day. There were 18 of our lovely family members staying in on log cabin and we all agreed that snowmobiling would be a great activity for the day. We all began to get dressed and put on our nice warm snowsuits. Everyone loaded up in our 3 big SUV’s and headed to the mountains for what we believed at that time would be a day full of laughter and fun. Once we finally made it too our destination, each member in our family was given a helmet and a pair of goggles. We were instructed to just hold our helmets while the instructors gave their presentation on how to work the snowmobile. I can still clearly remember about half way through their speech my helmet felt extremely heavy, like it was a 20-pound weight. I decided to look up to my dad and let him know that something wasn’t right. He looked right back down at me and said, “No you’re not, your just scared. Toughen up you’ll be alright.” Not one minute after he said this everything went black for a good while. The next thing I can remember is waking up surrounded by tons of people. They explained to me that I just fell to my knees in the snow and completely blacked out. The instructors said they see this more often than none, because the altitude in Colorado is a lot higher than here in Louisiana. This means you must drink a lot more water there to stay hydrated. After this being said, one worker rushed me 2 bottles of water,

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