Personal Narrative Essay: The Existence Of Demons

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I wake up hearing screams and feeling heat all over my body, the fire alarm is blaring and i run to my father. He tells me to keep sam safe and out of the corner of my eye I see my mom on the ceiling engulfed in fire. That night was the last time I saw my father and where I embarked on a journey against demons and to get vengeance on whatever killed my mother. Years later my father goes missing, and he goes missing allot, but this time was different, no calls, can’t track his phone, and hasn't been seen for weeks. I walk into my brother sam's dorm in stanford before feeling a fist hit my face i back up and when this man throws another punch i grab his arm and pin him to the ground. Sam realizes it to be me and questions why he's here. Moments …show more content…

As we enter the house we notice allot of jewish regalia, and the victim having been a 14 year old boy. The woman there said that he came back from a girl's house and then started screaming before driving a letter opener through his brain. Sam brings up the fact of a possible demon entering after sinful acts, possibly being original sin, premarital sex. I discover the existence of a demon called a dybbuk that enters into a body after some sort of sinful act, primarily in jewish folklore. That night down the street we heard gunshots and instantly ran to see what has happened. We were informed by a young boy that a girl started screaming about being tortured before shooting up the place. We ran in, last resort is to kill her, she was shooting everyone and everything she could see, sam ran at her with a kitchen knife before getting pistol whipped in the temple. Sam being passed out left me to do the job, I snuck around before coming up behind her and choking her out, once unconscious I started to perform an exorcism, instantly her eyes opened like dark holes to the soul. I was thrown against the wall, sam awakened from his slumber and grabbed her gun and tackled her. Pinned to the ground I started saying the words,

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