Personal Narrative Essay : Traditions On Christmas Eve

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Back when my great grandma was alive, my family started a tradition. This tradition was making popcorn balls and sugar cookies every year for christmas. Now this tradition has been going on for many years, up until a few years ago.

My grandmother and grandfather were supposed to come over on Christmas eve to stay the night at my family’s house. On Christmas eve morning, it had snowed so much, my grandparents couldn’t even back out of their driveway. They're too old to shovel the snow, and the roads were icy. In the end, my grandparents were stuck at home and my family didn’t get to see them.

Although everyone was disappointed, I feel like it was okay because everyone still had someone to spend the night with. For me that was my family, and for my grandparents that was each other.

When the morning time came, as usual, snow feel, people woke up, it was as normal as any other day. I woke up around 9 and was given good news that my grandparents would be here around 11. I stayed in my pajamas and played on my phone on the couch.

When my grandparents got to my house, we brought in the gift they brought and the food, setting it on the counter. Everyone gather around the living room and opened our presents. Later we ate clam chowder and ham for breakfast. Although we only got to spend the day together i had this feeling the whole time, almost like i was safe and protected. It's a feeling I only experience Christmas time, and something I will cherish forever. I feel as

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