Personal Narrative Essay: Who's To Blame?

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After practice was over james stayed to shoot some post practice shots. James was five foot eleven and was hundred forty pounds. That night he had a huge paper due tommorow for social studies but didn't feel like doing it since he already had a failing grade in the class. That day he ended up not being able to practice since his grades weren't good enough. Mr sherman said
“ if you don't do that paper he will have to stay after and fail the class”
James responded with
“ if i do the paper will i pass”?
So james ended doing the paper but that only gave him a D+. James could not practice for the rest of the week and he was the best player on the team.

The first game went by and they ended up getting blow out by like twenty cause James did not play in the game. James mom got a letter from the school saying that he was failing social studies and they wanted to keep him after every day and get the help he needed to pass. His mom called James to the dinner table to talk. His mom started the conversation with this.
“ Sow was school today.” James responded
“ Sucked cause i had to stay and do a stupid …show more content…

He was missing practice and the team's record was 1-3 which is not good enough to make the playoffs that starts in a month. He was still at a D+ because he only got a c on the test so we had to do the program for one more week, which met James would miss another game. On Friday there was a huge test that would give James a B if he aced it. Thursday night his mom helped him study so he could get a passing grade. At twelve o'clock him and his mom decided to go to bed. When he got to social studies that day he had to take the test. At the end of the hour they got there test back and James was surprised. He passed the test with a solid A and showed the office so they could change his grade. Now he had passing grades and was able to play basketball. Mr sherman

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