Personal Narrative: Exposed To American Culture

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Like many less-informed Saudis, after high school I adopted an already existing paranoia of studying. In 2007, studying in America was kind of a no-no (since) after the events of 9/11. I was exposed to the American culture because of many factors. Therefore, I was unusual in that I had an immediate goal, as many young people around my age (without any) had no such constructive aim. Saudis in 2007, did not want to go abroad, so I was one of few people. It’s only become a (recent) trend recently to study abroad. I had no plan nor a back-up plan as to what I should do on my return (“what after return”,). Perhaps we Saudis never thought about tomorrow (religiously thinking), for a Muslim is never advised to bother to think about tomorrow (like) as (it) is written also in the Bible (the book of Christians). My …show more content…

Already (occupied by) full of excitement (by) with every moment in the airport which was enchanting - checking in luggage, taking my boarding pass (first boarding pass), stepping (into) onto the (flight) plane my feet felt (like are) frozen. Maybe, all first timers go through this experience. I managed to find my seat; not knowing just how arduous the journey would be to Frankfurt and from there to Washington DC, being stuck in only one (chair) seat for about 14 hours with one stop was like my freedom (is) was being curtailed forever. My (toleration levels) tolerance (were) was put to the test for the first time in my life (time completed until then,) but I managed to survive. The food being served was like ( new discovery like) watching the food channels (in) on TV. I relished every piece of it even though I could not identify any of (them) it and completely ignored halal or haram….May be this (is)was my first defiance of my traditional and less informed life style. The feeling was amazing, sitting without gender separation and being served food by unknown people (even

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