Personal Narrative: Family Therapy Relationship

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It was May of 2015 that I happened upon an internship opportunity while visiting friends during a feast at San Felipe Pueblo in New Mexico. My friend made sure to inform me that the gentleman seated directly across, at the other end of a very long table, was the clinical director of the counseling center at the Santa Fe Indian School. “You should go say hello” my friend encouraged with a wink and a nudge that read more like, “we talked about this, go ask him for a job!”. I felt that a decision had to be made, ask for the chance at an internship I want, or shy away and make an official application, perhaps to another agency. Resourcing from my self-confidence I made my introduction, which led to an interview the following week, resulting in an offer, and acceptance for an intern art therapist …show more content…

My adolescent client’s parent happened to be present at the school when I made a call to arrange a family session, and so my first family therapy experience happened somewhat spontaneously. I first noticed a change when I found myself hastily preparing the office for this parent’s arrival, debating whether the arrangement of plastic toys on my desk gave the impression of “professional”. I believe this change in my thoughts and behavior were not in anticipation of working with an adult, but rather my assumptions that a parent might question the services provided to their child by a therapist who keeps her favorite pen in the mouth of a tyrannosaurus. Contrary to my preconceived assumptions, focus of this session remained on strengthening the parent-child relationship, and an open dialogue supported identifying and planning for attainment of mutual goals, furthermore, the parent appeared pleased when offered a turn to play with the giant yoga

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