Personal Narrative: First Time I Broke My Ankle

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First Time I Broke My Ankle

On May fifth we were outside playing a soccer game and I was defence. We was win and still had a lot of time left. While waiting for someone to come, I wonder why I was the only defence on our side. It was just me and the goalie and the others were trying to score. I asked the goalie “Why was I the only defence?” He never answered back.
After a few minutes the other team managed to get on our side of the field. I started to run, got the ball and kicked it to the other side of the field. One of my teammates was on the other side and managed to pass the defence and scored. While I was far from our goal, both teams were there. Once I got there, I tripped and cracked! I bent my foot and could not get up only crawl,trying to get myself out of the field.
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I sat there for eight minutes until Jesse came. He asked me, “Why are you sitting there and not playing.” “I think my ankle or foot is broken when I tripped.” When he tried to help me up ,I would fall down and try again until I got up. Jesse told me, “Do you want me to tell the teachers.” “No,I said, “it will ruin their game and they will not be able to play soccer because of me.
Instead I try to find my cousin and tell her to call my mom to pick me up. I found her while walking slowly. She called her but she did not answer because her phone number was changed. Then she pick up and I told her, “can you pick me up because my ankle hurts a lot.” While waiting for ten minutes, because she was at work, I just sat at the bench. When she came and took me home to look at my ankle and it stuck out a little farther than before. I waited one hour on my bed for my dad and went to the
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