Personal Narrative: Free Fall

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Gage Airhart

Free Fall

In the free fall, time froze to a halt. What was probably only a fall from 7 feet seemed to take hours. Every once in awhile, this flash of a memory comes to me in a dream or in my day to day life and I get chills every time.

“But that's not fair”, I whined to my mother, as I did before every single nap I took as a child. But of course my mother would have none of it and commanded me up the stairs to my room. I always got frustrated after these short altercations with my mother, partially because I never won an argument (and probably never will), and partially because I thought of naps as wasted hours of play time. What kid would want to be stuck inside when there’s a whole world to explore? But because I had no say
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My bed was one of my favorite parts of my room, because it wasn't any old ordinary bed. The type of frame I had was called a loft. Simply put it was the top bunk of a bed with the lower half empty. In that open lower half, I had a small TV that my dad had gotten many years ago. When I would misbehave, my dad would lock the TV on the C-SPAN channel (U.S. Senate meetings) until I fell asleep. I remember watching all the politician and thinking about how boring they were and it’s funny to think that they are still just as boring to me now. The frame of the bed was made out of a tan plastic and was extremely slick. As I climbed up the ladder for my nap, I decided to look over my shoulder. The combination of slick rungs and my sweaty kid hands made me lose my…show more content…
I didn't have a problem with it for the first few weeks but eventually it just got old. Missing two of my front teeth also severely crippled my whistling abilities but somehow I managed to survive. It is only now after compiling all of my thoughts on this event onto paper do I truly realize how close I came to losing an eye, permanent brain damage, or possibly even dying that day. But the strange thing is, I like this memory. I like it because it seems so new to me even though it happened so many years ago. I like it because it reminds me of how my life used to be, and how different my life could have
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