Personal Narrative : Freedom Day

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The blinding light of the new day woke me up through the same window as it had for the past three months. The same room, the same bed and the same house I have been waking up to for so long waited for me to rise for the day ahead. Everyone around knew what was happening. It had been long anticipated by everyone in the facility. It is known around here as “Freedom Day”. No longer will I be trapped and helpless or be told what my every action will be (well at least not by anyone here). I am crossing through those gates, which have contained me for ninety days. I am still in shock from relief and happiness from what is happening. I am finally going to be able to eat food I actually like and use the gift of technology I so dearly missed. I…show more content…
My mom was also sitting quietly as she drove. I there was a silent conversation going on between us. A conversation that communicated to us that things were going to be rough for a while well I’m away. It was painful to see the grief on my mother 's face, but we knew it was for the best. That was the first day I started to feel something again in a long time. Jumping back to the present, I hopped out of bed and dressed quickly. I cannot wait to get out of here so I 'm starting the day as soon as possible. As I opened my bedroom door my friends ran over and gave me lots of hugs. It only lasted a minute though for the house manager once again for the billionth time reminded us to not physically touch each other. I never liked the staff here, if I’m being honest. They were one of the many things I will never miss about Sov (this is the nickname we have for the facility). They were the babysitters of the houses. Barking orders around as if we are mindless drones to obey their control. I guess you could say I am a rogue drone though. I never take crap from them. If they thought they were better than us or that they were in charge I would make sure to show I wasn’t taking any of their shit. The clients here I will miss though. The kids here are your family while you stay here. Yes, we fight, but if one of us are in need everyone helps out. Sometimes there are girls who not everyone likes or nobody
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