Personal Narrative: From The City To The Savanna

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From the City to the Savanna

“Beep Beep move it people!” I’m a city girl and in the city you can see so much people and stores. But than my parents told me that I was going to a very big place call the Savanna. The Savanna is in Africa. I’m going there to see my cousin Tamara that live with her mother and father which they are my aunt and uncle. Tamara told me all about the Savanna and she said that it is beautiful. Tamara told me that we was going to see a lot of animals and a lot of the beautiful grass.
The day I arrived at my aunt and my uncle’s home, we sat down two a meal and talk about the trip from the city to the Savanna. I told them that it was a very long trip and that I was asleep half of the trip. After we got done eating my aunt show me a big room and she said that it was my room to stay in. Than Tamara came in my room and she said that will will have a have a good night rest for the drive we are going to talk tomorrow. We hit the road in my uncle’s jeep, and I gazed out of the window and I saw a wild cat in the tall green grass I was so scary that I did not said a word to Tamara when she called my name at least hundred times. About three hours later, we finally arrived. I got out of the jeep and then I felt something on my leg but I was to scary to look down so I just kept walking unit my uncle said you have a snake …show more content…

Then it got very quiet even Tamara got quite. I hear birds chirping and the squirrels chattering it was so peaceful here in the Savanna. But then I saw something moving in the grass then out of nowhere there was a very small animal in the middle of the rode. So I told Tamara’s hand and then she said in a hush voice, “ What Do You Want” then I pointed on the ground to the small animal that was follow me around. Then she said that it was looking for it's mother so I pick up the small animal and then it’s mother came so I gave the very small animal to

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