Personal Narrative: Genesys Work

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Being a shy person is really hard especial when I have to do speeches in front of the class. I don’t like talk in front of a group of people, especially in classes. When I do my face gets really red, and I tried to talk normally, but somehow words come out faster than I expected. I have to explain everything again, by first trying to talk slower, but then it again words come faster than I expected. This summer I join a program called Genesys Works. Genesys Works is a program that helps young high school students find a career and are given an opportunity to get an internship at a company. The summer training is to help prepare for getting ready to work in a professional place. During the Genesys Works Summer Training program, I have improved …show more content…

During the two months of summer training, I gain more confidence in speaking out loud in front of the class that I was with. I never knew that until the end of the two-month training during the last speech. I face wasn’t red, I wasn’t talking as fast as I use to, and even though I am still nervous about public speaking. I am able to speak more comfortable as I notice that time does goes fast when I’m up there talking. At first, before the training I have always talked way too fast, and sometimes mess-up which makes my face as red as a tomato.
I remember the first time the speech assignment was given out. It was simple because it was about introducing myself in six words within thirty-seconds. I couldn’t think of any words at all until the night before when I finally made up my mind about the most common words that my friends choose for me. I thought thirty-seconds was very short, but when I got in front of the room, it was long. I notice I stilled have fifteen seconds left when I finished my speech. After a few more speeches I was getting better, by pacing myself and not rushing to …show more content…

It was the advertising speech, where I randomly choose an item and tried to advertise it for something else. During the speech, I choose headphones, which I advertise as teleporting headphones because I like traveling and it was the first thing that came into my head. I was surprised myself about the idea and actually didn’t realize that I used all of my time when I finish the speech. During the speeches, feedback was always given by my peers in the class. They told me what I should improve on, and what I’m doing well at. I learned from that feedback and tried harder the next speech and presentations that we were given to

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