Personal Narrative-Grounded In My Voice

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At the start of the semester I had become more aware and grounded in my voice. In my everyday life, I would notice if I was holding my breath. The reason for this was because over the summer I had to stand-up to one of my shut-up judges, my dad. The incident was extremely emotional, and I coped with it through the use of my actor training; instead of checking out and holding tension, I chose to breathe deeply and stay grounded. This allowed me to speak up even when I was told to shut-up. This awareness of breath was developed through necessity rather than choice. I had to be strong. My strength didn’t only come from being grounded in my breath, but it also came using breathe to stay present in the room. The use of breath also allowed me to go into my body and release the build-up of emotions. As a result of these experiences, my voice was able to drop more consistently to my lower resonator rather than my typical chest voice.
The new drop in my voice had its own challenges as well. One, of course, was to avoid reverting into old habits. When it comes to voice work, effort should be applied every day. Just because I was breathing deep one day, doesn’t mean I am allowed to stop the next day. Throughout this whole semester, I’ve had to continuously be aware of my voice and breath. The interesting thing was that I would be holding my
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I went from starting to bring breath into my body, to using that as a foundation for a more free and clear voice. In order to reach my ideal voice, I need to work on the tension in my throat and to bring the sound forward. While writing this new story of my voice, I felt a sense of pride. I am proud of how far I have come, and where I’m headed. I can’t wait for the next chapter in the story of my
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