Personal Narrative: Hannah

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I will try my best to suppress my feelings. I will try to make my English more legible and use real words, even if they look disgusting.some words are too complex for me to know how to write properly so please forgive me. I was born with my twin sister Hannah. We were originally triplets with a brother thrown in the mix, but he… he’s not with us. Hannah and I were identical twins while he was our fraternal twin brother. Hannah and I were the only ones born. For a while nobody could tell us apart. She was me and I was her. We began to develop different personalities early on in life with Hannah being more difficult with demands while I was more energetic and got into trouble. Despite that we are very close. I was born with multiple types of…show more content…
Hannah is very shy. She is very closed in and doesn’t like to talk much. She opens up to me and she likes to spend time with me, but only me. Unlike her I am very empathetic. I’ve always been that way. Her perspective makes sense and I am able to understand her. I am able to understand her problems and she is able to understand mine since we are the only ones we know with synesthesia. Of course there are many musicians with synesthesia so perhaps we will be come famous musicians. I can already see the beautiful colors the notes would create. She is terrible in social settings. People are always asking her to smile which just makes her even more uncomfortable. Meanwhile I tend to be more active and I smile a lot. I want people to notice my presence. Sometimes I wish they didn’t see me, but my voice is so loud that I tend to get noticed by everybody. I cannot help, but feel that everybody is uncomfortable around me though. I like to laugh at people’s jokes and tell them about my disorder. I wonder what my brother’s personality would be like. I like to perform magic tricks with synesthesia. One of my friends developed an interest in magic and asked me if I could be his assistant. He didn’t know I had synesthesia at the time, but when he figured it out he got really excited and created a lot of magic tricks based on my disorder. At that moment I felt happy. My friend and I expanded to paid entertainment and soon enough I was spending
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