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With tennis shoes tight on my feet, my legs begin to pound into the pavement on my road. My feet race on, one right after another, along the road. It isn’t long before something feels wrong. I can’t tell what it is. My gate seems off, and my legs seem almost more free. I keep looking at the world racing by me. Sun and blue skies warm my face, and chirping birds keep me company. A summer day couldn’t be better. Then, it strikes me. How could I have not noticed it before? The free legs! The chirping birds! It all seems so obvious now. I reach my hand down to my pocket to confirm the growing suspicion in my mind. Upon contact with the empty pocket, my suspicions are confirmed. I had forgotten my phone. How could I go for a run without one of my favorite podcasts? I suddenly…show more content…
They offer a human connection to many topics that seem weird and foreign like astrophysics, ancient history, and the ever present question in all of our minds, why do Australians keep doing that thing, you know, the one. Whenever I’m first getting into a topic, my go to reaction is to see if there is a podcast on it from one of my favorite groups like NPR, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Ted-ed just to name a few. These podcasts help to give me a good bases for the topic I’m exploring, and they give my many different places I could continue to explore. From there, I like to see if my teachers have an books or other ways to practice for me to keep learning. A fun example of this would be when I heard a podcasts on the basics of decipherment and, so, I went to my history teacher, my go-to gal for all things knowledge, to see if she could help me. She, of course, gave me a few ciphertext strings to try and get me to think as decoder does. Once she was done with her torture, she leant me a book all on codes and ciphers. Then, I could go to her office and do fun quizzes on what I had recently learned in the
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