Personal Narrative : I Love You Essay

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I love you
To me, those words were powerful. They showed you cared about someone, and that they could put their trust in you. But, if they were not true, hearts could be broken. Believe me, I would know.
I never truly understood what love was for most of my life. I knew it was a concept the majority of the Earth’s population believed in. It seemed like a common occurrence, but throughout my life, love was a foreign to me.
I never knew my birth mother; hell she didn’t even name me. The orphanage had to pick one: Elisa Marie Danvers. That idea of unconditional love a parent should have for their child; I think it’s a load of bullshit.
I had my adoptive parents, thinking at first they would care for me and show me love, but that was not the case. They adopted me because they were rich, couldn’t have kids, and figured they should have one to get that perfect family image. They never spent time with me and did what parents normally do with their kids; going to sports games, a play, a concert. Rather, they sent me to boarding school to get me out of their hair. We were a perfect, happy family from the outside. This was the first time I had my heart broken, because the idea that love could exist let me down in the form of my adoptive parents.
Eventually, I gave up on the concept of unconditional or familial love. When I was sixteen I believed if I could fall in love and then I would truly understand why it was so important to people. Unfortunately, what I thought was love was a
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