Personal Narrative: It's Time To Stay In The Barn

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I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I stood in the barn doorway and saw about nine decapitated chickens lying on the ground. There was blood and feathers spattered all over the walls and cement flooring which meant there must have been quite the struggle. “Stupid chickens, yea why don’t you just stay in the barn and be systematically slaughtered instead of, oh I don’t know, possibly leaving,” I said rhetorically to the slaughtered fowl. After taking a moment to digest what looked like a photo right out of a 1980’s horror film. I returned to my senses and began to scan the inside of the barn for a perpetrator. The interior of the barn was a large rectangle about a garage and a half in size. It had no windows or lights, just creaky old rafters that…show more content…
However, by this point I had concluded from the experience of seeing something similar three years ago, that there were only two animals that could have done this, an owl or a hawk. I didn’t want to go into the unlit barn if there was a chance I’d be attacked by a large bird protecting its food. So, I closed the barn door and walked back up to my house. I wanted to get a flashlight in order to at least see where the poultry killer was. While walking, I formulated a plan on how I was going to deal with this situation. I decided the best course of action was to put on a coat and some winter jeans for protection against the bird’s talons and take a broom out to the barn and scare the bird…show more content…
It was an extremely aggravated raccoon that was less than thrilled with me being near its buffet of freshly decapitated dead poultry. I startled and yelled, “What the hell!” I wasn’t expecting anything but a cat so it caught me off guard. This must have scared the raccoon because it leaped out of the hay and charged me. I instinctively dropped the flashlight I was carrying and hit the raccoon on the head with the broom. It let out a shriek and scurried towards the barn door, but for some reason decided to just stand there without exiting. My heart was racing so fast that I felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest. I was trying to piece together a plan to make it out of the barn with the only exit being blocked by the raccoon. I began to assume that this raccoon was infected with rabies as it looked bloated and had a mangy grey coat. I knew that if it had rabies, I would need to avoid being bitten or scratched to prevent contraction of the viral disease. I tried to make as much noise as possible by shouting and hitting the ground with the broom. My hope was that the raccoon would just leave the barn peacefully or at least move to the other side of the room so that I could leave. In spite of my efforts this raccoon was just too bullheaded to let me go. Right after I started making noise, it bared its needle-like fangs and charged at me again. I hit it with the broom
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