Personal Narrative: My Classroom Field Experience

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My first semester as tutor lead in Spring of 2016 went well given the obstacles our team was given throughout duration of the semester. The highlights of my success include the completion of two of three required Tutor workshops. One, which was a Tutor Talk, was unable to be completed due an unforeseen closure of the building that it was initially supposed to be held in. I had chosen the time specifically to correspond to potential hurdles that my classes would present. I tried to reschedule it twice and was unable to due to time constraints and scheduling. Additionally, it wasn’t just a matter of scheduling, but the need to reserve a room. I wasn’t sure who served as the intermediary to get a room. Furthermore, the topic was vague, I asked …show more content…

All tutors were then informed of that they were being evaluated. This approach allowed for an impartial and authentic evaluation of the tutor’s performance; even more so when I was familiar with the topic. Communication as a group I believe was severely lacking during this semester. From the beginning, no one seemed to be certain as to how we can support contact with one another. The idea of a group text seemed to be forced upon the group and regular meeting seemed to never occur. However, we did manage to figure a system of communication out and it seemed to sit well with the remaining tutor leads. Communication after our last meeting seemed to gradually decrease as the semester concluded. I believe becoming acquainted with one another should be somewhat of a priority to bring about unity and companionship among the group. I believe this would help accomplish goals as a team with greater sufficiency. Hopefully, this gives a fair depiction on what we should improve on for the upcoming semester. As far as communication with our supervisor, I didn’t hear much from Tyrone Wheeler. We did keep in frequent contact with Natasha on any issues that …show more content…

If anyone were to check my workshops or watched how performed my evaluations, they would share the same opinion. Should I stay next semester, I plan on keeping in closer contact with my teammates and supervisor as I would with Angela. More importantly, I plan to focus on my health issues during the summer, due to its interference with my performance the spring. The primary obstacle was dealing with the side effects of my medication and I plan on remedying that situation as soon as time will

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