Personal Narrative: My Clinical Experience At Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

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When I was thirteen years old, my grandmother got diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember my mom would pick me up from school and take her to the hospital for her chemo therapies. At that time in Pakistan, there was only one hospital in the entire province where cancer treatment was available. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, a charitable institute funded predominantly by donations that provided free cancer treatment for those who could not afford it. Although I don’t remember much about her treatment, but the thing that deeply affected me during the visits to the hospital was seeing a multitude of patients from all over the country waiting to be seen. Some had travelled from different cities, some were local, some rich, and some poor all …show more content…

In under a few seconds the calm and quiet environment of the ICU on Saturday afternoon with the periodic beeping of the machines dramatically changed into an atmosphere filled with tensed quick motions when one of the attending nurse raised her voice to call for help. The staff hurried to her and drew the curtains in on the patient, taking out the required equipment. I had just filled in the supplies drawer outside that patient’s room and he seemed perfectly at ease. Although I couldn’t see much, there were a lot of quick movements and abbreviated instructions being given out. I kept looking back at the curtains while I slowly filled out the other drawers. I could barely concentrate, thinking what might have gone wrong. This was the first time I had experienced an emergency in the ICU. When the nurses came out from behind the drawn curtains with the patient’s chart, they seemed oddly calm and collected as they made their way towards the desk. Observing and learning from the attitude of the staff on duty, their exhibition of quick decision-making skills, emotional and mental stamina, and their composed nature taking hold of the situation in sudden circumstances made the experience a significant stepping stone in my learning

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