Personal Narrative: My Educational Experience

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Throughout my educational experience I noticed the discrepancies with regard to the advantages my peers possessed. In high school as I began exploring what career I wished to pursue, I experienced inferiority as my classmates who’ve taken the ACT three times, visited college campuses, and have had resumes ready since the 6th grade unintentionally mocked my lack of college-readiness. However, my ignorance wasn’t intentional, my parents never reached a high school education in Mexico, they couldn’t pass down SAT tips or acquire internship opportunities for me. I realized it's vital to pick up the pace to avoid being left in the dust akin to countless others in my situation. Henceforth, this statement resonates with my experience, I interpreted…show more content…
No, not at all! It empowers me to work twice as diligently as everyone else, I’m motivated by the competition in front of me as hard work will be rewarded with success. Life is set up in order for the successful families to remain prominent while the disadvantaged face tremendous barriers to climb the ladder of success. Facing reality, I’ve constantly pushed myself in high school to even the playing field with my privileged peers. I’ve followed their path by taking the AP classes my school offers, participating in clubs, and spending my free time volunteering. However, as much as I’ve followed them it could not put me ahead of them, for that reason it's essential for me to push myself the farthest than my peers. In doing so, I took up an internship, dedicated an entire summer to a middle school volunteering program, and challenging myself with the most AP/honors classes out of my class. Dedication truly pays off seeing now I will be the valedictorian of my graduating class. Who would’ve guessed, the student, whose parents dropped out of school to work in their family farms, is the utmost excelled in his class. Yet, I’m not stopping my advancement in high school, I will proceed to challenge myself throughout college, knowing that it’s crucial to future
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