Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Campus Inn Theatre

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It is this assignment that I owe a growth in perspective and enlightenment for plays. On October 2nd, 2015, I went to my first play in general. It took place at the Campus Inn Theater on the Rio Hondo College campus. I went into the theater and was greeted by what I presumed to be as ushers, as he handed me the night’s itinerary. A curtain was drawn and a pathway presented itself as I walked through. There I could see the stage and props already revealing itself. There was a makeshift bar with drinks and a table at center stage. Proceeding to my left where the audience would be, I found a seat and looked around. The environment was quaint as a few people were seated around me. I looked over the schedule of what plays would be showing and did not have any expectations. The room started to fill and lights dimmed and the plays began. In total there were five performances, which I presumed to be about 10-15 minutes each. The first play, “Do not collect $200”, did not impress me. The playwright’s central message was vague as it was just three historical figures; Hitler, Lenin, James Joyce, and napoleon degrading one another as they play monopoly. The setting presumably takes place in one of the characters homes and they are having a night of…show more content…
The play made me feel like I was actually in the performance as the main character would speak in third person. Black and white backdrop brought the setting similar to something of the early 1900’s with the actors wearing black and white clothing as their body was painted an off white to give this setting. The playwright involved a detective, who likes to use the word “preverbal” a lot, who is counting down the time to get off the clock and a woman, in a bathrobe comes in for help. This set the tone of hilarity and mystery as the detective, “Dick Piston”, makes sexual innuendo’s, shoots the bell hop, and solve the mystery of the murders in the
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