Personal Narrative: My Experience With Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is becoming more common in the society that we live in with the baby boomer population getting older, elevated sound pollution and increased awareness of hearing delays. With hearing loss becoming frequent in patients it is important to have a strong understanding of the challenges they face in their everyday life. Having congenital hearing loss or rapidly deteriorating hearing can change the way you approach the world, complete everyday task and communicate with others.

For my hearing loss simulation report I chose to go to my ballet class and experience what it is like to be hard of hearing. From the moment I put the earplugs in my ears my hearing went from perfectly clear to barely audible. In that moment I began to understand what it’s like to be hard of hearing in a society that relies on hearing to communicate effectively. I kept the earplugs
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I know most of my exhaustion I can attribute to the extra effort I had to put in to be able to effectively hear and communicate with others. The feeling of exhaustion I had after my ballet class was mainly mental rather than physical. Once the class was over I went home and relaxed in silence. It was a relief to not have to try harder then I normally would to be able to hear. This assignment was an eye opener into some of the daily struggles the hard of hearing and deaf community endure on a daily basis. It’s important to have an open understanding of the challenges other people have and how you can help by adapting to those challenges. I think this is something that I can take into my future profession as a speech language pathologist. Helping the clients that you see feel the compassion and understanding is an important part in the quality of care they receive. Once a client feels you understand and are compassionate about their condition they will have more confidence in your ability to administer clinical
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