Personal Narrative: My Experience With My Writing

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It is always complicated writing and expressing in a language that is different from mine. I most of the time have an idea that I want to write about, but I know the difficulties that I am going to face while writing such as having mistakes in grammar structures, or maybe not knowing how to basically order my idea in the right way to let the reader grasp it easily. As when I first started with my narrative paper, I knew what I was going to write about. I knew how easier it would be writing something about myself rather anyone. I thought it would be hard to give a vivid description and let the reader capture the moment, but I tried to use my imaginary and get a through back to my memories as much as I could and I discovered that it is easier than what I thought. For example, when I wrote “I felt how special the motherhood is, once I got back home and quickly run to hug her and feel her “mist-oud” smell, that is an Arabic perfume.” I tried to capture the moment emotionally, in …show more content…

While visiting the writing learning center, I knew where my mistakes where and I corrected them. For example, about ordering my story is when I stated “She convinced him and she got married” which seemed that both of the events happened at the same time, which actually she got married first and later on she convinced her. I could maybe try to organize my writing more based on what event happened first. And also try to lengthen my conclusion with better details explaining how my mother helped me build up my personality. Last but not least, is the title. “Long Distance Motherhood” might have sounded too general, or maybe not a better explanation to what I had written in my essay. I changed it to “Mothers’ endless love” because I was focusing on the relationship that I have with my mother, rather than how it became like after I moved to the United

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