Personal Narrative: My Family's Migration To The Big Apple

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My family’s narrative begins in the South. Beginning with my 92 year old grandmother’s narrative beginning in a small town in Louisiana, ultimately relocating to Houston, Texas as an adolescent, eventually making her way to New York City during the era of the Great Migration, and my father’s narrative of being a Black kid, raised in Spanish Harlem. In this paper, I will discuss their migratory experiences that ultimately led me to arrive to the Big Apple.
Her Story Freddye Williams’ life story began in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Better known, to me as Granny, her narrative was one of, oftentimes, having to migrate to different states during her life time. With the early passing of her father, her first experience migration, …show more content…

When asked about her experience in Harlem, aside from her living conditions, her experience was a peaceful one. My grandfather ultimately decided to use his GI Bill to buy a house in Queens, NY. I asked her if my grandfather had a problem getting his GI Bill because most often, Black veterans would get dishonorable discharges so that they would be able to obtain a GI Bill simply because of their skin color (get old paper work to cite this info from Professor leon’s class). In their attempts to obtain a loan in an area that was presumably white neighborhood, they were successful, without any resistance from the bank, in obtaining a loan. She moved into a block where whites, some blacks, and a Japanese family resided. She never experienced discrimination from her White neighbors, however, as more Blacks moved into the neighborhood, the White families began to leave. Although my grandmother is from the South and grew up during an era where discrimination was prevalent, she never had to experience the hardships that other Blacks may have experienced. I found it very interesting that her memories were those of positive encounters and experiences wherever she landed.

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