Personal Narrative : My Father 's Job

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Venezuela is just another chapter in my on going book. I was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico my home country and got moved 3 months later to New Orleans. It was uncommon for a mexican family to move so constantly all over the world, we are known to migrate to US or not migrate at all. I don’t remember New Orleans so I regarded to my next move, Colombia as my home. Colombia was everything a 4 year old wanted, friends, close to family, wonderful house and most importantly the school was accepting to others. I felt as if I belonged, I even sang the national anthem with pride, because it was my country. I knew Colombia inside out, I knew the language, culture, food, education which gave me comfort because for a long time I felt ordinary like any other kid until we had to move once again. It is the first time I remember the move which was devastating. We move for the same reason every time, my father 's job. My father’s job surrounds the petroleum industry, he works at Schlumberger also known as the blue company in our family, and the world 's largest oilfield services for the rest of the world. Schlumberger represents 140 nationalities in more than 85 countries. Therefore, we move so constantly all over the world. We were moved once again to Mexico.

My family expected a different reaction from my brother, sister and I, we were both irritated and sorrowful since it was starting from the beginning, I did not longer feel ordinary, I did not know the culture, food, and refused to…
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