Personal Narrative: My First Deaf Experience

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For my second deaf event, I visited the AMC theater in Deptford and saw a movie with closed captions. I had few expectations about what my experience would be like, as my knowledge of closed captioning devices prior to that day was very minimal. The device itself came as a surprise to me, and there were several issues with it during the film, but overall the problems were negligible. It was inarguably a learning experience, and I am thankful for it. To begin my experience, upon purchasing the tickets and asking for a closed captioning device, I realized the employee I was speaking to did not seem to even know what I was talking about. She expressed that she was unsure if the theater provided them, and had to speak with a supervisor first, until eventually another employee came out with the device. It did not take long to sort out the confusion, so I felt no frustration whatsoever towards the employees. However, I still wondered what that experience would have been like …show more content…

It is likely that I would never have given it a second thought, but after attempting to put myself in the shoes of a deaf person, I realize the ability to go and see a movie in theaters with relative ease is more important than I previously thought. I now wonder how many more everyday struggles deaf and hard of hearing people are forced to endure, that I have never even considered. My experience has highlighted the fact that I am, in so many ways, incredibly ignorant. As a hearing person, I can never truly know what it is like to be deaf. I will try to consider this fact more often, and take notice of the many simple luxuries I have easy access to as a hearing person that I have otherwise taken for granted. Now I must wonder about all of the other everyday pleasures I am privileged to have, while others are deprived of them due to widespread

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