Personal Narrative: My First Football Game

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45 minutes was all I could think of while standing on the field waiting for the whistle to be blown. Only 45 minutes to score another point so I had to step it up and play my best in those last minutes of the game. In those 45 minutes of the second half of the game it showed the good and the bad of what is to happen to our team at the last half of the games. All you can hear from the stands is the crowd cheering us on because they knew our victory was about to come but little did we all know the team would change in that last half. The whistle was blown and that was the start of us to finally win our first game of the season. It was Southwestern and Hillsboro in a blood match to win the ball over and make it up the field to score a goal. I was ready to win and I was more ready to get the ball and score another point. I stood in my position on the field and waited for the ball to come my direction and here came the ball that was dripping in mud, and it was so slippery to the touch. I took off towards the ball and sprinted down the field to the opposing team’s goalie. I was coming so close but all at the same time, the goalie box seemed so far away. I could feel the excitement taking over me because it was just me and the goalie and I knew I was about to score another point. Then the incident that changed the rest of my soccer season …show more content…

Finally, the nurse came into the room and delivered the news. The nurse told my mom and I that I tore a ligament in my ankle, sprained my knee, ankle. When the nurse told me that it shattered my heart because I knew I wouldn’t be able to play for the rest of soccer season. I sat there on the hospital in shock and didn’t say a single word until the nurse came back into the room with the crutches. Once the nurse gave me the crutches and got me adjusted on those she told me that I would be out for the rest season and told me better luck next

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