Personal Narrative: My Graduate School Thesis Essay

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There I was, poised with the first draft of my masters thesis, ready to jack it under the rear wheels of my car so that I could vent my anger and frustration. Never had I felt this kind of undiluted rage in dealing with a piece of writing. As far as I was concerned, the first draft was complete and therefore the entire piece was finished; however, my thesis advisor didn’t quite agree with me. A less deranged friend of mine talked me out of repeatedly backing over my thesis, and convinced me that it didn’t really matter if I did leave tire marks on it because I had multiple drafts on my disk. But still, I knew that it would just feel so good to leave some tire tread on the paper.

I had not written a thesis as an undergrad, and I was …show more content…

So, when I came to the end of the first draft of my thesis, I was convinced I had produced a solid piece of writing and that I was finally, and thankfully, done with it. At the point at which I was ready to jack the thesis under my rear tires, I knew I had worked hard on this piece, harder than I had ever worked on a piece of writing in my life. It was certainly the longest piece of writing that I had ever produced; yet I had erroneously equated length with good quality. I had done no revising to this piece, nor had I achieved any distance from it in order set it aside to come back to it at a later time.

In the past, I had not written drafts of my papers; I had been told since high school that I was a reasonably decent writer. I was a comparative literature major in college, and again, I had earned solid grades on my writing assignments, and I had worked hard, but I had not slaved over draft after draft. I tended to write well under pressure (or so I thought), but I left no time for revisions. Usually, I was finishing up the paper within hours of the class in which it was due. Up until working with Peter, I had thought that this process worked fine for me; in fact I thought that it had worked better than fine. However, Peter Heinegg changed all of that for me.

Peter agreed with me that I was done with the thesis, but he thought I was merely done with the FIRST draft of the piece. He told me my work was good but there was

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