Personal Narrative: My Hard Time Adaptation

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I have always had a hard time adapting. I have moved from state to state many times but when it came to country to country. I had a hard time adapting especially in India. Everyone around me had lack of english knowledge. They didn’t speak english as fluently as I did. Some of them who did speak had a difficult time understanding me what I was saying. Eventually, I started learning a new language but I started to forget my mother tongue, english. But many people were surprised that I can speak a different, hard, and an ancient language. I was proud of myself for learning it. But at the same time, I moved back to the US. I started off as a third grader, and whenever people talked to me, they sounded gibberish. I got made fun of alot for my …show more content…

I wanted to speak as fluently as everyone else did. So I started watching a lot of TV shows such wizard of waverly place. And every time the character would say something, I started to imitate what they said. Slowly and yet painfully I started to remove my thick indian accent. This doesn’t mean that I was caught up. I still had to work hard yet I was still lacking with standard. In New Jersey, we had this testing called NJ ASK and basically they test your knowledge based what you have learned during this year. This standardized testing affected me a lot. I still lacked on the comprehension level when it came to the reading and writing section. I would barely pass those exams. I didn’t get high enough grade to get into gifted and talented programs or honors program. This didn’t stop right here though. I continued with my struggles and which i am still struggling with at various times. I learned that without English, you can’t really move up the ladder. I learned that in the hard way. But slowly my hopes and dreams started to vanish because of I couldn’t reach the potential like others can. No matter how much work or effort I put into it, the feedback or results would be, I barely made

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