Personal Narrative: My Internship At West Millbrook Middle School

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I am currently interning at West Millbrook Middle School, at 8155 Strickland Road, Raleigh NC, 27615. West Millbrook Middle School is a traditional school calendar that holds a capacity of 1120 students. Although for the 2015-2016 school year only 929 students are in attendance. (296 6th graders, 313 7th graders and 320 8th graders) I started my internship on August 3, 2015 under the leadership of Kelly Aman. Principal Aman informed me during my orientation that my time would be divided between the three assistant principals. This division will take place about 2 ½ months with each assistant principal. I started the summer months observing Ms. Aman then I rotated to Mr. Daniels at the beginning. Although, I am with Mr. Daniels, Ms. Aman and I still work together on different tasks. The tasks that I work on rang from working on the master schedule, opening school workshop, analyzing data, tutoring program, open house, suspensions and bus referrals. I am very excited about this journey. …show more content…

Aman and Mr. Daniels leverage time each week to sit down and reflect on the experience. During this time, I have learned a remarkable amount of information about who I am as a leader. Success in life is important, therefore, one must continually be honest with themselves. Even though, there are a number of tools one can assess to gauge their growth. Self-reflecting is a vital tool improvement Therefore, when reflecting I found a few areas of focus. The chart below indicates the qualities that I possess as a leader. Granted that these qualities tend to fall in the category as both a strength and a weakness. The highlighted qualities are the areas that I will be focusing on this

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