Personal Narrative: My Job At Hy-Vee

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Hy-Vee helped me restart my life. At the beginning of August of 2016, my family moved from Hampton, Iowa to Mason City, Iowa. My dad’s job is in Mason City so it made sense for us to move. When my family moved, I didn’t know anyone up here and I needed to quit my job in Hampton as I wasn’t earning enough for it to outweigh the worth of the drive back and forth every weekend. I scoured the area for a job opening for weeks with several rejections and few promising results. Without friends or anything else to put my time and effort into, I started to drive myself insane. In the last week of August, I applied for my job at Hy-Vee. Unexpectedly, within that week, I received a call from HR asking for me to come in for an interview. Given the track record of that month, I graciously accepted my interview. To my surprise, I was offered the job immediately following the interview. After that day, my life completely changed. Hy-Vee is the ideal job for me.…show more content…
Even though it is only a part-time job, Hy-Vee gave me a 63% raise compared to my last job and they still give me plenty of hours, which both help tremendously with inflating the amount I can transfer into my savings account each month. Moreover, when I have family obligations or the occasional time that I need days off, they work with me to ensure I still maintain the hours I desire to work and the days off I need. Furthermore, I received the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder marginally after only working there for five months. Additionally, with the constantly expanding reach of the Hy-Vee brand, when I move up to Minneapolis for college, there are several stores within driving distance. This job has also opened the door for me to create friendships with people I would have never had another opportunity to
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