Personal Narrative: My Life As A Basketball Player

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When I was a kid, I thought I would play soccer like my dad. Then I started to watch basketball and was fascinated by the sport. I loved the way the people would do a move and leave their opponent on the ground. I was very impressed how people could shoot from very far away and make the shot. I have started playing basketball a lot more and I am loving the sport. Now I am trying to become a pro basketball player and go all the way. I believe I can go all the way because, I have been enjoying basketball since I was little, I now play in high school basketball, and I also went all the way to play in the playoffs. I believe I can make the National Basketball Association. Since I was little, I enjoyed playing and watching basketball because it gave me a lot of excitement. When I touched a basketball, I would race to the nearest basketball hoop and shoot the ball into it. Some time passed and my mom got me an indoor hoop to play in my basement. I would raise the hoop to five feet tall and still dunk. I watched Kobe Bryant play basketball for a long time and he is probably my favorite player in the league. It is sad to see him playing his last year. With a lot of practice, I want to be able to play basketball just like Kobe Bryant did.…show more content…
I played in Boston for two years and have been working on my skills ever since. My team would not win a lot but we would give our best effort to try and be the best. I now play high school basketball for the Rancho Mirage Rattlers. We could not be stopped. I played on the Junior Varsity level and we beat every single team. I would play and score a couple of points along with my teammates. We lost one game to a very good team. We then had a rematch and we ended up beating the team and having a record of 18 wins and 1 loss. My team got multiple awards for winning many games and became league champions. I believe I can do this in professional
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