Personal Narrative: My Ocean Expedition

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Here I am. I’m sixteen days into my ocean expedition up in Maine with eleven other girls that I have only met sixteen days ago. At this point, I’ve eaten a great variety of foods including cheese and salami, rice, kasha, cheese and salami, grits, and cheese and salami. Oh, did I mention that I ate cheese and salami? Here I am. I’m in the back of the large voyager canoe that we all call Kombucha. Oh yes, this large green, wooden vessel is quite a beauty. I have to say that Kombucha has been quite nice to me for the sixteen days that I have been here. As a person sitting on the back gunwale of Kombucha, my responsibility is to steer her toward our next target island. “No, Samantha, I will not steer toward that lobster boat”. Here I am. All eleven girls were…show more content…
Here we are. We are eating the best meal that we’ve had in our sixteen days on this ocean expedition. We are eating the precious, orange lobsters that the lobstermen sold to us for only five dollars a piece. We are eating the one meal that is finally uniting us as a family. “Sea to soul, soul to sea, 1-2-3, Ocean Odyssey!”. Here we are. We are sitting in a circle and reflecting on the wonderful meal that we we’re so lucky to have had. This evening meeting seems much different than the others. Maybe it’s everyone’s positive moods or the wonderful weather that we’ve been having. The girls and I are sitting closer to each other, while we share our personal experiences about this sixteenth day into the ocean expedition. Who would have guessed that food could bring people of different cultures, backgrounds, and upbringings together? These pale orange, little sea spiders are the last thing that I thought would help connect all of us girls together. “Yes, Trina, we can do our chant one more time before nature calls lights out”. Here we
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