Personal Narrative: My Short Term Goals

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I am applying for the opportunity to be places in the student affairs and college counseling progam because I have always had an aspiration to help students obtain their educational goal. I am a first generation college student in my entire family and I am a vivid imagine of all the obstacles I had to overcome to obtain my education. For example, some of the obstacles are that I had to work while being a full time student at Fresno State, numerous people doubt and criticize my education and myself for wanting to success, and I had to commute to school which is about 45 minutes away. During these 4 years I has to commute because I am also a caregiver for my two younger brothers. For this reason, I made the decision to apply to the master program…show more content…
I hope to graduate with honor just like I did from Riverdale High School. After graduation I plan to get a job with my degree to start developing my career. By obtaining a job within the child development field, it will help me gather money to be able to pay for my education in the master program. My goal is to save as much money as possible during the summer that way my parents only worry about their bills and brother expenses. My primary short term goal is to be accepted to the master program. By being accepted to the master program my educational goals and dreams will begin to be develop and will be accomplished until I obtain my master degree. As for my long term goals I hope that two years from now I will be close to graduating with my master degree in students affairs and college counseling. I hope to graduate with honors from the master program because I know I have so much potential in me. After graduation I hope to get a job at Fresno State University or a good quality college. By having my master degree, I plan to make an impact in students’ life to be able to obtain their educational goals just like I am. I plan to offer workshops and seek out to college students so they can know of all the opportunity them have among them. I plan to give students all the information they need in order to be success in life and to start developing their
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