Personal Narrative On A Disney World

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When my grandparents told us we were going to disney world they didn't have any special way of doing it , There was no pizza that was shaped like mickey mouse or any posters, or scavenger hunts to find clues to get to the piece of paper that said it, They kinda just told us we were going. Of course we were very excited to go because it was our first time going. When they told us, they told us a couple months ahead so we had to wait, and we counted down the days till we got to go. Before we went to disney we had to go shopping, we had to get clothes, suitcases, and many other things for our trip. Finally the day came! The day we were going to disney world. The night before we went we slept at my grandparents house because he had to get up …show more content…

It was amazing, we didn't go on the many rides but the ride that I remember most was going on space mountain. It was so fun, we got whipped around corners so fast it felt like we were gonna fall off the track, and the ride was pitch dark besides the little lights placed to make it look like you're in a tunnel. Most of the time we walked around, and we watched the parade. On the second day we went to animal kingdom, it was so cool. In animal kingdom there are different sections that are different countries so it was kinda confusing but still fun. I liked how every country had different food related to that country. We went on the safari and I got lot of photos of the animals. The funnest part of animal kingdom was going on mount everest. I had never been on a roller coaster that big, I was really scared but once it started going it was so much fun. Bailey on the other hand hated the ride, at one part it goes backwards really fast and she couldn't breathe, so after that ride she was scared of roller coasters for a while, but she got over it eventually. On the third day my grandpa wasn't feeling good so he stayed at the hotel and had to miss the best park, epcot. When we first got to epcot we went to the coral reef restaurant, It was so good. It was also really cool that you got to watch the fish and sharks while you ate. Even though there went any seats available near the aquarium, it was still really good. Our waiter was very nice too, we offered to make us a smoothie that wasn't even on the menu, which were so good I can't even describe it. After we went to go on the rides at epcot so me and bailey went on mission earth, which was a ride that you had to go to the moon in a spaceship but you got to steer the ship. After we got off the ride my grandma felt sick and we had to go back to the hotel sadly. Unfortunately the fourth day was our last day, so we just hung around in the hotel till we

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