Personal Narrative : Personal Essay : Running In The Day

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I was running through the woods, in a foot of snow, to a destination that I still did not know. The tears running down my face stung my cheeks in the frigid December night. I was scared, angry, lost, and alone. I didn't know why I was running or why I was in the woods; all I knew was to keep running. I couldn't breathe and I felt as if all of the trees were closing in to trap me forever in their icy branches. The only light to guide my wandering was the scattered rays of moonlight through the ominous branches. As I ran, the events of the day flashed through my mind. I pictured sitting down next to Jillian at lunch and talking to her about how she tried to push me in the snow at Dave's last weekend. She could not stop laughing because I almost face-planted into the snow. I acted as though I was upset with her; despite thinking it was hilarious as well. She elongated the “please” as she pleaded with me in her famous Jillian voice, “Matty! Oh please! I had to try to get back at you for pushing me in my pool last August. Don't think that I forgot about that.” I remembered looking at the bench Lisa sat at with her friends; Scott pointed her out to me and said, “Dude! Lisa looks absolutely gorgeous today.” I had to agree. Then I thought about running through the hallways after the final bell rang. I bumped into Jillian and she asked me why I was running. I told her that my letter was coming today and she said that she would call me after cheerleading to see how it went. I drove
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