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The unknown
“Would you stop worrying mom,” Alice exclaimed, “everyone’s wearing them, they’re completely safe, not to mention the fact that they have been scientifically tested for every scenario that you could ever imagine”
“I still don’t trust them, back in my day you actually had to work hard to run fast and build up your endurance, now you can be faster than the fastest man on earth, for the right price” her mom replied stopping just in front of Alice, handing her the newly ironed team hoodie. The blue “Extreme Falcons” logo glimmered beautifully as the sun shined down on it.
“This isn’t 3017 mom, times have changed, you gotta learn how to let go and change too.” her arm reaching over to grab the hoodie.
“I’m just telling you that my fastest time ever was a 1:55 on the 800 when I won Olympic gold now that time can be matched by any 6th grade kid, that’s not natural Alice, your my daughter and I know that talent is in you, use it”
“Like you said mom, a 6th grader can match that time that’s not talent that’s what people call a waste of time and money now a days, we have to hurry now or I’ll be late” she said as she rushed out the door onto their drive way, the smell of wild flowers and newly mowed lawn in the air. It was a beautiful Saturday morning.

As the last door closed to the car, Holly pressed the start engine button, and told the car the address to the track, the car roared to life and holly just sat back and relaxed. Alice fidgeted nervously in the lather

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