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Realizations A familiar yet annoying sound snaps me awake. My alarms going off, time to go through another day. I’ve got a math test in 7th period. That reminds me. The last day to send the email has come. Today is the day. All the work I have done will finally pay off. All I must do is send the email. That is all that is left, sending an email. An email is all that is left. “Gavin, you’ve got some mail”. My dad, tall and stressed after a long day of work, is standing in the doorway with a smile on his face. Turning towards him, I accept the letter. The first thing I see is the navy blue. What is it this time? The letter has some words in the top left. They read “Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics”. My curiosity peaked, I tear open the envelope. I go to the computer, and hurriedly type in SCGSSM. The letter has told me to apply there, but I haven’t a clue what it is. Residential high school, skim, specialize in the sciences and math, skim, top SAT scores in SC, skim a little more. Wow. This place isn’t normal. The taste of mint in my mouth is quickly ejected into the sink. I go into my bedroom and lay down. The door slides ajar. “Gavin are you getting ready?”. Mom is standing in the door with a slightly intrusive, slightly concerned look on her face. “Yes Mom, I’ll be down in a few”. Getting dressed, the thought flashes through my mind once more. When I get downstairs, my dad is sitting at the table about to commute to work. “hey Gav, can you go get Ethan out
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