Personal Narrative : Race You To The Other Side

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“Race you to the other side”, Alden dared me. I was the brave one to jump into the chilly water but he was the former swim team member. Much to my frustration, the odds were in his favor. The race didn’t last very long because the other 6 teens were straggling behind. Elise was complaining about the cold and how sore she was, Theo wanted to be back on the beach but didn’t want to abandon us while the others were shoving each other under the surface. We were all slow and out of shape so it took us long to get to the other side of the harbor. Out of breath and laughing we finally touched the slimy rock bottom and winced all the way to the sand. With only my swimsuit, I clutched my sides for warmth in the breezy June air. The sun was …show more content…

I was trying to walk next to Alden but he was between Elise and Charlie, leaving me trailing behind like toilet paper stuck on a shoe. We walked to the otherside of the island, until we hit soft sand. Elise felt bad for our friend Harper who decided not to come with us so she swam back to be with her. My stomach crunched up as if I had balled it up like I would with a bad idea I wrote on a piece of paper. I began to realize how wrong I was to leave her behind on the beach. I excluded her. All my life I had been faced with that problem and now I inflicted it upon another person. How could I? But, I didn’t want to leave Alden all to Charlie so I stayed with the group, not the first time the major won against my morals. I wiped away the feelings of betrayal and jumped into the water at the end of the island, glad to be back in the familiar arms of the harbor. There were many privately owned docks further down Megansett, directly across from where we were splashing around. It was still quite early in the season so I suggested, much to my own dismay, that we should swim over to the dock. Everyone was in favor so we raced to the ladder, Theo taking last place and I first. Breathless and giggling we collapsed on the wood now sodden with our dripping bodies. Alex picked up some stringy seaweed lingering on the railing and threw

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