Personal Narrative: Reflection on my First Poem

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I choose only to make a few revisions before I submitted my final work. In my first poem, As A Child, I chose to only make one revision; to take the last line “A memory we could only wish to freeze in time.” out. I choose to take this line out of my poem because I thought it was repetitive to the line before it. The second last line of the poem is “A timeless memory” and I felt that having those two lines one after another was redundant. In my second poem The Good and the Bad in the World, I only choose to make a few, rather small revisions. In line five I changed the end of the line from “light you can follow” to “light at the end of the tunnel”. I thought that “light at the end of the tunnel” better expressed my thoughts and the meaning I was trying to get across to readers. Another revision I made to this poem was in line six, when I changed the start of the line from “Like the twinkle” to “As bright as the twinkle”. I made this change because I thought that “As bright as” better described the twinkle of a star at night then “Like”. The last revision I made to this poem was in line seven when I changed the start of the line. I changed the start of the line from “Life is sweet” to “Always remember life is sweet” because I wanted people who read this poem to always remember that life is sweet and has its good moments. In my last poem, Mother Nature, I choose not to make any revisions although one revision was suggested. In line five my first word was preserved and I choose
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