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If you are anything like most people I meet every day, you too are worried about the North Korean situation, the plummeting dollar, the suicide bombings, the mass murders the natural disasters and so on and so forth.

The truth is, I know so many people worried about the future, they are getting ill. All they can see are years of trouble and stress stretching out ahead of them and they are left utterly devastated and overwhelmed. Well, having done some exhaustive research and having given this situation a great deal of thought, I have concluded, that the future however calamitous or not, only gets here, one day at a time.

So then, It makes no sense to worry about the vastly distant future, right? Wouldnt it make a lot more sense if you concentrated all of your energy and thoughts on how you are going to be the very best you can be, in the next few hours etc.
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The reason why I was diagnosed with these diseases was that of depression. I was depressed in the first place because I allowed myself to become overwhelmed by the thoughts of having to deal with the next 25 years. At the time, 25 years ago I had been laid off from work at age 45 and facing an unsubsidized house mortgage and three kids in junior school. I imagined the debt getting bigger and bigger and the more I thought about the future the sicker I became.

No more, now I live just one day at a time and I am the master of my own life. Are
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