Personal Narrative Story : A Short Story

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The door rang with a soft ding as Marinette and Chat exited the ice cream shop. Marinette licked her ice cream cone fervently, a futile attempt to catch the melting drops before they reached the pavement beneath them. Chat stared at her as they continued walking. “So how’s the ice cream?” he asked. Marinate looked over at him, cone finally contained. “Delicious, you can’t beat rocky road,” she replied. Chat furrowed his brows. “Rocky road?” “Yeah, it’s chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and nuts - wait.” She turned towards him. “Have you never had rocky road before?” Chat hesitated before responding, “No?” “How have you never had rocky road before? It’s a classic!” “Well I’m sorry I didn’t grow up in a bakery like SOME people.” “You don’t have to grow up in a bakery to have had ice cream before.” “I didn’t say that I never had ice cream before, I only said that I never tried mint chocolate chip before.” “That’s basically the same thing.” “Oh really?” “Yes, really.” Marinette shoved her cone towards him. “Well you need to try some now! It’s so creamy and tasty.” Chat hesitantly took the cone from her hand. He sniffed at it, before taking a large bite from the top and licked his lips. He sighed in delight. She had a brief moment of fear that he was allergic to nuts, before immediately remembering several occasions of him woofing down platters of her peanut butter cookies. “That was delicious, I can see why that’s your favorite.” Marinate beamed, proud she

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