Personal Narrative : The Experience Of Playing Basketball

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I never had really thought of playing basketball. I thought it was a cool sport and looked fun, but i never considered playing it outside of school. That is until my friends Alex, Ryan, and Freddy brought it up the idea. It sounded like a good plan to all of us because none us had really played basketball aside from school gym class and it gave us something to do (because what else is there to do in the winter?) so we all said “why not?” and gave it a shot.
My friend Ryan picked all of us up from each others in his Mom's red Nissan and we headed to the local YMCA down the street. I had never been inside before, i had only seen it from the outside so i was not familiar with the inside of the environment of the facility. Once we got out of the car we hurried inside so we wouldn't freeze to death. At this point i wasn't even worried about playing basketball because i didn't even know where the courts were! Luckily Ryan had been there before and was able to show us all around. I was surprised a place that looks as small as it did from the outside can be astoundingly larger on the inside. They had a pool, a children center that consisted of day care equipment. Bathrooms, locker rooms, and a fitness center that consisted of a basketball court with 3 hoops, weight machines,an indoor track, and a drinking fountain. After the small detour was over and now that i was somewhat familiar with the place, i was ready to try out this new “basketball” thing. We made our way towards the

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