Personal Narrative : The Forest Of Laughter

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The Forest of Laughter As our first camping trip, we were quite new to the outdoors. This was the first time we have ever really did anything outdoors except for going on hikes other than that we were quite an indoor family. My dad happened to have the greatest idea of going camping but we really did not know how to do a lot of stuff when it comes to outdoor activities especially setting up a tent. I remember when we first picked out where we were going camping, I did some research on the history of this forest. Of course my parents decided not to do any research on this place at all. As I typed it into my laptop, several videos and websites came up. I clicked on one of the videos where it says, Staying The Night In The Forest of …show more content…

The world felt like it was spinning around and around.
I eventually got so scared I ran back to the tent but it was too quiet and I started yelling, “MOM! DAD!”
Then I heard someone screaming from inside the tent. I opened up the tent to find my sister scrunched up in the corner screaming and covering her ears.
“Leslie it 's me your brother, chill!” I yelled so she could hear me.
I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms so I could comfort her. She finally stopped screaming and I got her to tell me what happened.
“I turned around and there was a big black figure standing behind me and then all of a sudden I hear, WOOOSH. Then everything went black. When I finally got up I was in the tent. I went outside to see where mom and dad were but they were nowhere to be found, ” she said with a terrified look on her face. By the way she looked, I could tell that she was not playing a prank on me like most of the other times. It just seems like I could trust her just this one time.
“We have to go looking for them,” I told her.
“What if the thing comes back, what if it’s not done? It might want more?” she said while trembling.
“I have an idea don 't worry.” I said trying to lighten up the situation.
“Let 's use light,” she said, “it might affect it.”
I took her word for it and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out to the fire and said, “Come on there is a forest guide center not far from here, I remember how to get back

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