Personal Narrative: The Secret Service Organization

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One Day I was playing in the hallway with my brother and I accidentally bumped into my grandfather clock playing zombie tag with my brothers Finn and Jack and sister Madison, the only thing my mother has left of her father. I called my mom a few minutes later and she started crying after i told her and yelling at me saying “ Tess you be more careful with your surroundings!” Then when she calmed down she said “Tess you’re grounded for a week that means no phone, no computer, and no TV.” She also said to tell that to my brothers and sister. I was so mad but i guess that's what you get for playing in the house . My sister and I are twins and my brothers are twins. Madison and I are 13 and Finn and Jack are 14. They are 5’ and 6” and we are 5’ and 4”. Madison and Finn like the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. …show more content…

When Kelly is finished he uses the door to hide from Tess’s parents. the hologram said that their is a lot that we must know and that he would call us when we are needed using a watch as a phone. He started to talk about how the Secret Service Organization started. Eleven years have passed of training and going to school when their parents had died in a terrible car accident. They had just finished college in the same state of California. the funeral was a sad and mournful day. At the end of the day they family and friends had watched the will of Veronica and Max. In their parent’s will they left almost everything to their kids that includes the newly edited house.They left about $50,000 to charity and the people in poverty. A few years had passed since the accident and the kids had grown up into wonderful caring adults with children of their own. When the time comes right and the children are older their parents will tell them about their private spy life. This will go on for all

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