Personal Narrative: The Sixth Sense

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The sixth sense; something so mysterious and bizarre we consider paranormal, yet this vestigial method of perception can produce beautiful results. Only seven hours ago, I had landed in Germany and my jetlagged, Chicagoan brain screamed for sleep. But I still had a concert to play. The first venue for this concert tour was the massive, intimidating St. Peter and Paul church that could seat at least 200 people. However, I was more anxious about the solo I would be playing that night. My mind was fuzzy and my fingers remained dry and weak from the flight; I needed hours of warm-up to get back in shape, but I only had less than an hour. With no secluded area to practice, I resorted to a corner in the church, snapping a mute on my instrument and…show more content…
Many millenniums ago, our homo sapien ancestors constantly exhibited this extra sense to detect approaching predators to prepare their bodies for an attack. However, it seems as though we have lost this ability due to our advancements in technology that place us on top of the food chain. If this is correct, how can my mind picture the reactions of my audience when my eyes are focused on the blank corner of a church? Society fears the paranormal individuals with this extra sense, but perhaps the sixth sense is not completely extinct in the human body but is rather vestigial. On rare occasions, it can be activated. Staring at the ancient grey marble of the German church, the world around me was a complete mystery, yet a strange awareness helped me visualize the small crowd behind me. This information, I believe, was generated by the sixth sense, which could suddenly function when our vision is limited. The extra sense must be activated to protect us from vulnerability and provide a perception that taste, hearing, touch, and smell together lacks. But most importantly, this mechanism can sense unique information that can benefit my music
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