Wires by Philip Larkin

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Wires by Philip Larkin is an analogy of a society trapped by rules and limits and a demonstration that fear prevents humankind from following their desires. Larkin writes this poem in 1950 with the idea of showing his point of view of the world. In the poem the cattles are trapped by the wires imposed, preventing them from ever reaching their search for purer water. He shows that the world offers no hope nor mercy whatsoever in their trial for escape. What the poet is actually trying to express is the theme of youth against old and the boundaries that the world presents. Both mentioned have no escape but the difference is that the young generation does not realize it and life disappoints them in their attempt of searching for …show more content…

Senses are society's main boundaries and as we grow old we understand and try to cope with the life we carry. In addition, Larkin uses various literary techniques to express this that he feels and thinks. to begin with, he uses a circular rhyme scheme to show how the young generations repeat the same mistakes as the older generations, and how humans make the same mistake over and over again. The abcd dcba rhyme is a way of showing the enclosure of the cattles

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