Personal Narrative: The Trail Of Hope

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Blood flow rushing through my veins, lungs heavily breathing through thin air, heart pounding loudly, I couldn’t bear. Slowly I unsealed my eyes from its long tender slumber, and grazed everything around me. Pitch black light loomed in my sight. I perceived nothing except darkness and a shadowy site. Terrified of my blindness, cascades of water started whooshing down my eyes. With all my might, I stretched out my long podgy arms as stiff as I can as it hit a large rigid structure similar to a wall. Four compacted fortifications built to confine me inside this hollow full of terror. Where am I? I thought to myself. How could I, a young simple man born and raised in accordance with what society consider as acceptable, be trapped inside a horrifyingly…show more content…
Me lying on this cold immobile ground as I keep hold of nothing but isolation from this world unseen. Just when I was about to shut my eyelids forever, I saw a light coming from a distance. A shiny circular glow just about the size of pea beginning to flicker luminously giving hope to a room full of despair. Captivated by its exquisiteness, I unconsciously stood both legs and began to hurl myself towards the enthralling ray of light. Scampering down the trail of uncertainty, I felt little faith in me that somehow I can escape this miserable world of darkness. Extending my arms near the light, I took hold of every bit of it as if it was the only thing I that can keep me…show more content…
There I was, transferred from one dimension to another, but this time, it felt real. I was now in the real world; the world we call ours. All of a sudden, all my horror and distress were replaced with bliss and relief. I took a step back, took my hand and raise it up high as it hit the surface of my own round plump cheeks. I wasn’t dreaming. Astounded by my own conscious mind, I examined the setting around me. Tough wooden fragments of specially carved seats used for the comfort of writing were piled in equal rows and columns. A large rectangular timber created as a storage for the educator’s valuable possessions placed at the center of the front part of the room. Moreover, frameworks of learners’ remarkable performances and creation were pasted stunningly on every corner of the
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